"Shalom! Shalom!"

The Gershon Burd Building Campaign

In the memory, honor and aliyas neshama of
Gershon Binyamin ben Eliezer.

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The dream of Gershon Burd ZT"L

Gershon Burd zt"l's entire being was Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah. He spent countless hours emailing alumni, doing incredible acts of chesed, learning in the yeshiva, asking and answering deep halachic questions, in addition to his responsibilities as husband and father of five young children.

Ironically, as the yeshiva's Executive Director, Gershon worked tirelessly to raise money for this new building without any inkling that it would prominently bear his name. His dream was to build upon the foundation laid by Rabbis Green and Tagger, to increase Bircas HaTorah's visibility and reputation, and to spread Hashem's Torah throughout the world.

In the merit of all that Gershon did to shine Hashem's Light so brightly in this world, may the new Gershon Burd Building be a tremendous Kiddush Hashem and aliyas neshama for Gershon Binyamin ben Eliezer.


Presenting a special opportunity to honor Gershon Burd’s vision, dedication and memory through several exclusive sponsorship options, all in conjunction with the opening of the new Gershon Burd Building, scheduled to take place in the Spring of 2019.

Our New “Shalom! Shalom!” Campaign aims to raise $613,000 to stabilize and position Bircas HaTorah for the next phase of its growth.

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Platinum Dedication:

“(Your Name) Welcomes You to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem”

Greet 15 million visitors to the Old City each year!

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Join The “Shalom! Shalom!” Society - $18,000
(12 Available)

A specially commissioned work of art from renowned artist Michael Kupietzky will memorialize 12 special individuals...

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Gershon Burd Foundation Pillar - $360 monthly commitment for 3 years

Puzzle Builder - Phase Two! - $36 monthly commitment for 5 years

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Gershon Burd Building - Opening Ceremony VIP Package

Join us here in Jerusalem’s Old City in the Spring of 2019 for an unforgettable week-long experience! We will provide you and a guest with First Class roundtrip airfare to Israel, accommodations at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, plus sightseeing and VIP Torah learning with the Rosh Yeshiva, capped off with a special invitation to the Official Opening of the new Gershon Burd Building!

Price: $36,000 donation

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Other Dedication Opportunities

By sponsoring any of the below, you will be acknowledged with a beautifully inscribed plaque placed prominently on the walls inside the Gershon Burd Building.

Rosh Yeshiva’s Office$180,000
Mashgiach’s Office$100,000
Administration Offices$50,000
Students’ Work Room$50,000
New / Expanded Ezras Nashim$50,000
Distance Learning Center$36,000
Air Conditioning System$72,000
Kitchen Area Station$25,000
Light Fixtures$36,000
Building Furnishings$36,000
Tzedakah Box$3,600
      Beis Medresh$5,400
      Rosh Yeshiva’s Study$3,600 taken
      Other Rooms (10 available)$1,800


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Gershon’s Words...

We all know the spiritual benefits of studying Torah, but to support Torah is in some ways an even greater zchus. When Moshe blessed the 12 tribes, Zevulun's name is mentioned BEFORE Yissachar, even though he is the younger of the two, in order to stress his importance. The Sifri adds that in the merit of Zevulun's support of Torah study, he will rejoice when he leaves the world.

In addition, Rav Aharon Kotler says that when the supporters of Torah study depart from this world, they will not only be rewarded for their tzedakah, but they will also gain the privilege of knowing and understanding ALL of the Torah learning that they enabled! Which, as the Vilna Goan explains, is the source of ultimate joy.